1. How does MWALL work?

Visual effects control and interactive interfaces navigation are carried out using a 3D sensor and a mini PC with MWALL software through gestures (swipe right, swipe left, tap, etc.) or any other movements.

2. What can I show on the signage?

First of all, you can use product catalogs with photo and video contents, as well as interactive signs or any gaming interactive effects to attract attention. The themes and effects can be easily changed in order to find out which one works best for you and to adjust to trends, seasonality or holidays.

3. Will I be able to customize the signage according to the style of my shop or a brand?

Yes, you will. Most templates have wide customization abilities (colors, logos, fonts, etc.). Also, you always have the opportunity to contact our customer service to assist you in designing of signage or to order the service for personalized implementation of your ideas.

4. Can I manage multiple shop windows simultaneously?

Yes, you can. Configuration and management of our signage are carried out through the cloud service due to which you can manage all your windows centrally.

5. Does MWALL work without the internet?

Internet connection is required to update materials and settings from the cloud service, but all files are stored on the local computer, so temporary internet disconnections are not a problem.

6. Where can MWALL signage be placed?

MWALL allows you to turn any glass or a wall of your place into an interactive shop window. Also you can choose an interactive LED display, which can be placed in any convenient place.

7. What equipment is needed to install the signage?

The interactive signage uses a 3D sensor and a mini PC with MWALL software. As for the screen, you can choose any option convenient for you:

  • a projector and a (rear) projection film - for shop windows and walls;
  • LED display - for a wall mount or as a display stand.

8. How much does necessary equipment cost?

For all questions regarding the equipment, you can contact us and we will provide you with individual advice.

9. How to install the equipment?

Our partners can offer a wide choice and professional installation of equipment in all regions of Europe, Asia and the USA.

But if you choose to install the equipment on your own, you can use our Installation Recommendations for the MWALL Equipment.