We develop interactive solutions for visual advertising controlled by gestures, in particular for shop windows, banners and billboards, in order to bring external advertising to a new technological level and enable customers to interact with it without any physical contact.

If you've ever thought about it, you probably know how complicated and expensive is to implement such ideas for each specific customer.

That is why we want to offer you our solution, the main purpose of which is to easily install and configure interactive signage, taking into account individual preferences of each client.

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Basic solutionsAll solutions are aimed at maximum simplicity and flexibility of settings.

Signage controlled by gestures

All you need to do is simply add products to the main goods catalog in our cloud service (with photo and video content), select the appropriate theme and color scheme and your window or wall will turn into an interactive goods catalog controlled by simple gestures (swipe left + swipe right + tap).

Controlling 3D models

A virtual 3D model on a window or a billboard can repeat movements of hands, legs and body of a person standing in front of it, which can be a perfect solution for kids’ stores, gaming centers or other entertaining establishments. Besides, the 3D model can be controlled both by gestures and the mouse cursor, which can be used, for example, to rotate the car's image or change its color.

Basic offersThe technology of user interaction with a content through gestures allows you to turn the signage into additional omnichannel of selling goods and presenting advertising information.

Interactive shop windows

External shop window can be turned into an interactive banner, controlled by simple gestures. With it you can show photo and video catalogs of the goods that will actively attract the attention of others and may help with the choice of the product or its purchase.

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Interactive walls and partitions

The inner wall or partition can become an interactive banner - product catalog, managed by simple gestures. Customers will be able to find out about the new goods or discounts in a convenient and attractive form.

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Interactive display stand

Among the main advantages of this solution you may find its compactness, price and image quality.

This interactive catalog displayed on the large screen can be placed in any suitable place.

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Advantages for local business

Modern attractive signage

Such signage is perfect for creating a wow effect among passers-by (especially if someone is interacting with it) and thereby for attracting more attention to the shop, its goods and services.

Variety of ready-made visual solutions

We offer a large number of ready-made solutions with a simple customization to any content and brand.

Adaptation to any size

The picture can be adapted to the sizes of your windows or walls and thus maximally fill the entire area without exceeding it.

Simplicity of setting and adding contents

Adding contents and setting can be easily carried out from a mobile phone and is not more complicated than making a post in social networks.

Advantages for partners

White Label

You can sell the new service under your name and at your prices. And our development team, for its part, will provide you with full support.


Referral Program

You attract new customers and we regularly pay you % for each their transaction.