Touchless interactive solutions for your business

mWall The main advantages of our offers are

  • 1.Touchless controlling solution that has obvious advantages over touchscreens - hygiene and absence of fingerprints on the screen.

  • 2.Templating of the basic tasks for business and municipal institutions, which makes it possible to integrate these solutions in any region and almost into any business as quickly and as simply as possible.

"Our goal is to make integration and management of these solutions as simple as possible in order to make them accessible to all. This is our contribution into the future, where everything surrounding us is interactive and where all users get the information they need from everywhere - quickly and conveniently."

Basic solutionsConveniently used and integrated as easy as possible

Gesture controlled displays

This solution is aimed at promotional materials, which can be displayed as a large catalog, which will help to attract more attention and acquaint customers with the best offers.

Displays are controlled by simple gestures (swipe right, swipe left and tap) at a distance of 1 to 8 meters. Also, the display can interact with passers-by in order to attract attention.

Touchless display

This is a revolutionary solution for information panels and deployed catalogs. Most people don’t like using touch panels because of the lack of hygiene. Plus, the fingerprints usually stay there and spoil the appearance of display.

Our displays are controlled without touching them, at a distance of 1-30 cm from the screen, which helps to avoid the above-mentioned problems. Nearly all testers highly appreciated the convenience and innovation of this solution.

Basic offersThe main applications that can be quickly and easily implemented.

Interactive shop windows

The external shop window turns into an interactive catalog with photo and video materials, which is easily controlled and which attracts more attention of passers-by. Also, this solution helps with sales in non-working hours.

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Interactive walls and partitions

To better inform customers about new products and discounts, any wall or partition can be turned into an interactive catalog. The attention to which will significantly help to remember the brand experience.

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Displays on walls and stands

The main advantage of this solution is the quality of image and a variety of mounting options, starting from indoors wall mounting ending with the options of mounting them in the aisles and outdoors.

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Advantages of management system

Centralized management of all displays

All interactive and non-interactive displays are managed from one administrative panel. It is also possible to interact with API of other CMS systems.

Advanced analytics system

You receive a lot of information about your audience’s preferences as well as an ability to quickly conduct A / B testing.

A variety of ready-made solutions

We constantly analyze what is needed for particular business sectors and prepare the most suitable offers in advance.

Easy and flexible settings

The chosen theme can be easily filled and adjusted to your brand style. We also develop personal solutions for the needs of our customers.